Belgian apportion defends comments on Muslims ‘dancing’ after attacks




BRUSSELS: Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon on Wednesday denied stigmatising a Muslim race after he pronounced many of them danced in jubilee after a Brussels apprehension attacks.

“Everyone knows that these things happened. Do we have to wait for an central military news to endorse a existence of these facts,” Jambon told council underneath tough doubt from a opposition.

Jambon, a tip member in supervision of a country’s categorical Flemish jingoist celebration NV-A, denied that he was stoking tensions with Belgium’s Muslim community, that numbers around 600,000 out of a race of 11 million.

“I don’t have a military report. There was (dancing), though not much… several services have reliable to me that these weren’t rumours and that they saw this on a ground,” he said.

“What do we think, that we am going to disgrace them by fixing streets and districts?”

Jambon done a initial comments in an talk with a Flemish-language De Standaard journal published Saturday.

“A poignant territory of a Muslim village danced when attacks took place,” Jambon told a paper, following a lethal airfield and transport self-murder bombings in that 32 people were killed.

He also indicted Muslim residents of Brussels’ mostly newcomer Molenbeek village of aggressive military during an operation final month to detain a think in tie with a lethal attacks in Paris final November.

The Islamic State organisation claimed both a Brussels and Paris attacks.

Jambon’s comments echoed those by US Republican presidential claimant Donald Trump who claimed that Muslims distinguished a Sep 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

“I am not going to spin away, to bury my conduct in a sand. My avocation is to brand problems, to name things and to take actions,” pronounced Jambon, whose celebration has indicted prior governments of unwell to tackle radicalisation.

“We can't disgrace a whole community. we have pronounced hundreds of times that we have to work with a Muslim community, to win behind their hearts, some of that are branch opposite a society, even if it is only 3 people,” he said.

Belgian military have identified 3 self-murder bombers — all immature Muslim group — as carrying carried out a attacks.


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