Banksy’s art-for-votes offer erased after military warning


LONDON The pseudonymous British graffiti artist Banksy has cold an offer of giveaway design in lapse for tactical voting in Thursday’s ubiquitous choosing after military warned it would nullify a result.

The artist, who found tellurian celebrity with his pop-up travel art, offering prints of his famous “girl with balloon” for those who voted opposite Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative celebration in 6 constituencies nearby his Bristol home.

Voters were ostensible to yield detailed justification of their list to get a print, though a sly Banksy withdrew a offer on Tuesday after military pronounced it was a rapist offense to accept gifts in lapse for votes.

“I bewail to announce this ill-conceived and legally indeterminate graduation has now been canceled,” a artist, whose work mostly facilities a domestic edge, pronounced in a statement.

Five of a 6 constituencies where Banksy’s art offer had practical were hold by a Conservative party, who have a slight lead over Labour in polling before Thursday’s election.

(Writing by Patrick Johnston, modifying by Larry King)


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