Apple’s Cook tells MIT graduates: rage record with humanity


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday warned graduates during MIT, a colonize in fields like computers and robots, about technology’s dehumanizing aspects and urged them to interpose a growth with their possess values.

“I’m not disturbed about synthetic comprehension giving computers a ability to consider like humans,” Cook pronounced in his derivation debate during a Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “I’m some-more endangered about people meditative like computers, though values or compassion, though regard for consequence.”

Speaking to thousands of students and their families during MIT’s Cambridge, Massachusetts, campus, Cook praised a advantages of new inclination and amicable media. But he also cautioned that a same technologies can order people by threats to remoteness or security, and pronounced record contingency be gradual with tellurian knowledge.

“Technology is able of doing good things, though it doesn’t wish to do good things. It doesn’t wish anything,” a Apple Inc (AAPL.O) arch executive said. “That partial takes all of us.”

Cook’s debate did not mangle new belligerent for him as conduct of a world’s many profitable record association though combined some context around some of his past decisions, such as holding argumentative stances to strengthen remoteness rights and investing heavily in immature technologies.

Cook has criticized President Donald Trump’s policies though offering usually a peaceful fun during a president’s responsibility on Friday, revelation students it is apparent they have taken over Trump’s Twitter account.

“I can tell college students are behind it since many of a tweets occur during 3 a.m.,” Cook said.

His 15-minute speak stood in contrariety to a lengthier graduation debate his predecessor, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, gave during MIT opposition Stanford University in 2005, in that Jobs summarized his free-thinking credentials and told graduates to find work they loved.

Cook took a some-more required career trail to a tip of Apple, where he became CEO in 2011 after stints during IBM and Compaq.

Cook, who is plainly happy though famously circumspect, gave few sum about his possess life on Friday solely to outline what he described as a frustrating hunt for definition until fasten Apple.

He pronounced during one indicate he sought superintendence in sacrament and final year met with Pope Francis, who Cook pronounced reinforced his possess clarity that record contingency be harnessed with clever values. He pronounced Francis told him, “Never has amiability had such energy over itself, nonetheless zero ensures that it will be used wisely.”

(Reporting by Ross Kerber; Editing by Jonathan Oatis)


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