Liberation of thought is an instinctive passion. It means that one needs to pay heed to his/her conscience and should not hold back in raising voice, not only against the human rights abuses but over all indifference and injustices in the society.

Living by one’s conscience and acting upon the thought of liberation can help spur a person in leading his life the way it should be, as liberation of thought provides utmost joy to the heart and soul and helps a person enjoy his life.

Apart from inculcating the sense of freedom of expression through establishment of CBL Radio, the main objective behind this organization was to revive our long forgotten cultural values and promote constructive cooperation between local and regional radio stations.

Through this cooperation, the objective is to enable these regional radio stations present their programs at international level to gain global recognition. Our organization enjoys support not only from international broadcast organizations but also from other regional bodies.

Being a free and a civil society media organization, CBL Radio is trying to develop a people-friendly and progressive society. The organization is doing all it can to assist many civil society organizations as well as prospective collaborators.

Meanwhile, in order to improve the regional image at international level, it is collaborating with the  organizations to not only promote peace but establish a dialogue with the help of a stable social network and portray the good work being carried out by the civil society.

In present era, media is often termed as a forum portraying negative vibes as well as extreme prospective in the society, therefore it becomes quite mindboggling to find a source where constructive work or messages can be relayed.

On the contrary, CBL Radio, which is the only Urdu satellite radio station, follows the idea of using power of media to its leverage and change the thought process of the people as how they perceive the problems and lead their lives away from adversarial approaches towards development and cooperation.

CBL Radio is first ever interactive satellite and Net Radio and subsidiary of CBN, which is serving in UK, US, and South Asia, with millions of viewers , listeners, readers and visitors.

Under Internet Content providers license, CBN/CBL granted Microsoft a  non-transferable worldwide right to use, copy, publicly perform and display, transmit and distribute the CBL  Content, and/or interactive versions for the purposes of demonstrating CBL’s use of Windows Media Technologies at trade shows or other industry or press events and other advertising and promotional activities concerning Windows Media Technologies, Windows Media Formats, Windows Media Player, and/or the Standard Windows Media Guide.

CBL Urdu test transmission launched in Pakistan on the 68th Independence of Pakistan.

As an independent media outlet, CBL Radio is trying to carve out a just humanist and progressive society.